Looking to add synergy amongst employees in your Business?  Maybe you have clients that you would like to connect with in a fun atmosphere!  Our 6 week Corporate League is a 4 person scramble, recreational competition between local businesses.  The team mates may vary from week to week and there is no need for expertise in the game.  It is all about fun, bonding and enjoying the fairway.


Green Fees (4 Players x 6 Weeks)

Power Cart Rental (4 Players x 6 Weeks)

Meals (4 Players x 6 Weeks)


Scores will be collected each week.  The Champion Business of the League will receive a Trophy to display in their business, their name on a Plaque at the Clubhouse and a $500 Donation to a non-profit organization of their choice within the Community. 


For more information, contact Hannah at 306-867-8266